Grove Consulting

Helping organizations, teams and individuals realize their full potential


Coaching is designed to unleash the full potential of leaders, managers and individuals. Coaching services are highly individualized and are designed to assist the client in achieving short and long-term development goals. Informed by data collected from multiple perspectives, Grove Consulting works with clients to gain greater self-awareness, set development goals, implement action learning, evaluate progress and build on successes for sustainable growth. 

Coaching services are offered to address several areas of focus, including:


Executive Leadership Coaching

To assist executives in maximizing performance in all areas of leadership (self, staff, fiscal, clients/customers/members, operations)


New Leader Coaching

To assist individuals recently placed in a leadership role transition effectively and swiftly


High-Potential Coaching

To assist in developing individuals identified as future leaders in the organization


Performance or Behavior Coaching

To assist individuals in developing areas where gaps exist in their current performance or particular behaviors may be developed for enhanced performance


Supervisory/Management Coaching

To assist supervisors and managers in developing supervisory and people management skills and competencies


Career Coaching

To assist individuals in identifying career goals and developing plans to achieve those goals


Relationship and Communications Coaching

To assist individuals in their ability to form, manage and improve interactions with others (interpersonal, communication and conflict management skills)


Team Coaching

To assist teams in defining purpose, goals, roles, rules of engagement and methods for effective operations and interactions


Coaching services are highly customized both in terms of approach and outcomes, however each coaching engagement often involves assessment, goal setting, 1:1 coaching and feedback sessions. Coaching may be done in person as well as supplemented by phone coaching sessions.

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